About Us

I am the owner and creator of goodiesforpilots.com. I live in the Land of Enchantment, better known as New Mexico. Life here in the Wild West is different and full of adventure. I became a pilot in 1990 and had the chance to fly a DC-3 as my first commercial flying job in the Caribbean. I transported cargo for a local company which included loading and unloading livestock, delivering anywhere from 7,000 – 9,000 pounds of bakery products through some of the Caribbean islands, to hanging a hammock between the landing gear of the DC-3 to spend the day for our return leg back home. I have many memories of those days. I also had the opportunity many years back to do “island hopping” with passengers, cargo and even transporting prisoners from the US Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico.  A little scary!
I once had the opportunity to apply for a Jump Pilot position. I was “in love” with a famous singer who was a skydiver and I wanted the chance to meet her. Waoooooo! Yes, I did get the job, but no, nothing ever happened between the two of us. I was so scared, I never even tried to ask her for a date. But what an adventure!
Next was the professional aerial photography in real C-206 with a Leyca camera that to me at that time was out of this world. It had some gyros to maintain camera stability for a true vertical picture. The film used on this camera was 12 inches wide and was used to do aerial mapping.
I had the chance to own a Coyote from Rans for few years with Rotax 277. That's when the real flying bug bit me. 
A few years later, I was able to find one of the rarest aircraft out there - the famous BD-5. Yes, I will say that I was a proud owner of a BD-5 and this one did fly. The story that goes behind the BD-5 planes is like the Leica camera described above - “out of this world” and too long to write here. But I was brave enough and, I don’t know if you can call it “smart" to fly the BD-5 for around 40 hours, but I survived to sell it.
    More recently, I owned a Glass Air 1. What a nice plane. Everyone I knew called it  the “Scooter.” The Scooter was fast and very efficient, with barely 9.5 gph at 150 knots, it was the perfect commuter aircraft. However, it had insufficient space to carry cargo or space for a third rider. From that moment, I noticed that the Experimental community was lagging options for items that in the regular market were too expensive to afford.    

I have since upgraded to a C-182. Woohoo!!! 

What a difference!!! 

A real four- person aircraft, even in the mile-high altitude of New Mexico, it is still capable of carrying anything you decide to throw at it, especially when you have the STC to use regular Ethanol-free auto fuel; 230 hp coming out of 6-cylinders give you some piece of mind.
After two years of owning this plane and four burned out landing/taxi lights, I came up with the idea of bringing something to the market that makes a difference. This initial crazy thought turned into the first order of 40 specially made PAR-36 lights. I only needed two for my plane, but the other 38 were sold quickly between friends. 
By word-of-mouth, and eight months later, goodiesforpilots.com was born. Pilot Goodies LLC present goodiesforpilots.com where you are able to find a variety of products at a very competitive price that will blow your mind.
Presently, we are only offering our famous Landing and Taxi lights which outperform (and I really mean it) many of the LED landing light on the market.
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