Ratcheting crimp tool

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Crimping Tool
Ergonomically steel frame design with contoured rubber grips. It can crimp insulated terminals,non-insulated terminals, cord end terminals, open barrel terminals.

This item include: 
1 x crimping plier
1 Phillips screw driver
1  case
5 x die sets: 
You will received a "cd holder type case" that has 4 pouches for the extra dies, a screwdriver with its own straps, and a spot with elastic and velcro straps for the actual crimper.

Racheting Crimping tool kit = $29.95

Crimping Dies for:
0.5-6mm2(16-10AWG), for Non-insulated tabs and receptacles 
0.5-6mm2 (2*20-10AWG), for Insulated and Non-insulated cable end-sleeves 
1.5-6.0mm2(16-10AWG), used for Non-insulated Terminals 
0.5-6.0mm2(22-10AWG), used for Insulated Terminals 
10-35mm2(8-2AWG), used for Non-insulated Cable end-sleeves

$4.00 for S & H
​Contact us for bulk order discount We'll combine as much as we can and refund you the diference