The Goodie-Flasher

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The Goodies-Flasher
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   ​​The Goodie-Flasher is a sealed electronic switch that make any light, (LED or Incandecent) light to flash (Wig-Wag) automatically by cycling your stock ON-OFF switch.

This device will allow the Wig-Wag funtion on any light under 35watts and with a volt range from 8v-30v. No additional equipment is require or extra switch.

The Goodie-Flasher goes between the light and the wire connection of the light. It's compact size, allows for easy installation in the most tight spaces. Can be used on multiple application. Increase safety by getting the attention of others. The Goodie-Flasher is epoxy sealed for vibration and weather resistant. RMI tested on aircraft.


For those customer that bough lights from us before, please send us a message and the Email account linked to your paypal account and you will be able to buy The Goodies-Flasher for $15.00 each including shipping.  (Regular price $45.00)

NOTE: The Goodie-Flasher is and electronic device that has been tested for defect before it's send to each customer.  Failure to follow the limitation of the product will damage the device beyond repair.